Albania 2021

2021 marks an unbroken string of 8 years in a row that we've sent a team to Albania! Yes, even in the midst of the 2020 craziness, and this year with the continued craziness of shifting air travel rules, the Lord was faithful and allowed us to share in ministry with our good friends.

This year we were able to send two teams. Our faithful high school ministry team of 6 was composed of 3 veterans and 3 first-timers. We got to spend a whole week serving with CRU Albania's high-school ministry as they kicked off their school year in style.

The second team participated in commencement ceremonies for Albania's first completed Re:Generation groups! And if that wasn't awesome enough, they then helped launch a new set of Re:Generation groups, and fully handed off that ministry to be run by the Albanian CRU Staff.

As we continue to think about what's next for our partnership, we know for sure that we want to continue supporting our friends in Albania. So stay tuned, because we will for sure be going back in 2022!